Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Every Tuesday (and some weekends) I volunteer my time at Cub Scouts.. it is a great club for children ages between roughly eight and ten and is.... simply amazing. The kids get away from technology and get to be outdoors or learn new skills and I get to be a big kid again... who doesn't love getting the crayons out again at 26!! There is obviously a LOT more to it than that.. but I won't bore you too much.. until later (if you would like to hear)!!
I would love to share some of the activities that we think are fun (mainly so I don't forget) and hopefully they can inspire you guys too and keep your kids busy for a couple hours. Some activities are 5 minute things and some a bit longer but importantly they are fun. A lot of the games are also suitable for younger or older children. 
Most of the things we do all old classics but some have been adapted from Pinterest finds etc.. as of next week I am hoping to start posting regularly on Tuesday about Cubs and what we get up to.. so keep your eyes peeled!!

Maz xx

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