Saturday, 14 September 2013

I suck at blogging..

Blogging is one of those things.. I want to love it and blog regularly... I just get caught up with life and forget to tell you guys about it. 

I am super excited to say that this week that I jumped on the property ladder and I bought a home.. a two bedroom flat with it's own front door, parking (for two cars) and front and back gardens!! I got the perfect place to live until I am 100years old if I desire and after this week of packing and moving I NEVER want to move again!! The positive and the negative is.. it needs a lot of work!! The carpets are brown patterned.. the wallpaper is 3D and dirty beige and the bathroom is disable access (including a walk in shower with a seat!!). The plus it that it has all been amazingly looked after and if I liked the decor it would last another 5-10 years easily.. hopefully it won't take me that long to make it more my style!!  

So... this blog (complete with terrible grammar) will be a place for me to record the changes of my wonderful new flat and random bits from my life, I am thinking chickens/poultry, cooking, cub scouts etc!! 

Please stick around while I get used to this blogging thing again.. third time lucky!! :) 

Much love, 
Maz xx

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