Thursday, 10 January 2013


This is the steam train that made a special visit!
I just wanted to tell you guys about the Keith to Dufftown Railway line.. it is a really fun way to spent the day. They have a diesel train that takes you between the 'old' Keith train station (don't make the mistake of going to the new Station on Station Road) and Dufftown station with a little stop off near Drummuir Estate (and the Drummuir Walled Garden) I have been on the train a few times now and it's lovely to sit on the old train and watch the countryside just go by. Last year they had a special Steam Train for their 150th anniversary which was jam packed (and is rumoured to be coming back soon... eekk I can't wait). 

The diesel train in Keith
This Christmas we had my niece (she is only 15months) visiting and we wanted to meet Santa, and just like magic the volunteers of KDR arranged a Santa Train.. it was £6 for adults, children between 3-10years old £10 and under 3's free (but if you want him/her to meet Santa it is £2 extra and you can bring your own present; a book or soft toy is perfect). The Santa Train turns at Drummuir so the trip isn't too long for young children (it's just over an hour long) and I highly recommend it, the train line is all run by enthusiastic volunteers and the Keith Station has a lovely gift shop filled with yummy locally made sweets and lots of train related toys and presents.  

A normal journey goes to Dufftown which has the very nice Glenfiddich Distillery where the tour is free and you get 3 samples of whiskey after (They also have a lovely restaurant if you are hungry) if you fancy stretching your legs, or if you run out of time to go anywhere the Dufftown Station has a lovely cafe called the Buffer Stop made out of an old coach where you can get a bowl of soup, cup of tea or slice of cake. 
The steam train coming along the countryside
Tickets are £10 return and single journeys are £6.50 for adults and £5 return and £3.50 for children.

Normal Service: April 2012
Trains from Keith Town to Dufftown
Keith Town12:1514:5016:40
Trains from Dufftown to Keith Town
Keith Town12:0314:3816:28

PS. Be careful because the Santa Train does sell out so you will need to book early.
PPS. The timetable hasn't been released for 2013 yet so keep an eye out.
PPS. Loch park is also close by and looks like a hoot!! You can hire a 2 person canoe for £12 an hour!!

Much Love,
Maz xx

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