Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Have you ever eaten a quail egg!? They are almost like you took the yolk from a chicken egg and mixed it with cream. 
Quail Egg
I have chickens and quails up at my mums house (I will maybe write more about them next year when I hatch some more out in the incubator) The problem with quail eggs is they are tiny and so fiddly to eat..   
We tend to give a lot of eggs away to friends and family but often people struggle to eat them and they go to waste.. Mum and I were trying to think of an easy way to use them and came up with pickled eggs... that way all you have to do is open the jar and grab one or two for your ploughman's lunch etc... yum yum!! 

Here is how I made them... 
1. Collect your eggs discard any with broken shells (week old eggs are better as the membrane is tougher and make peeling easier) and soak the eggs in a bowl of warm water for 10 mins and give them a gentle rub to get rid of any mud or poo etc
2.  Place your eggs in a pan of cold water and let them return to room temperature which will prevent them cracking when boiling.
3. Bring the pan to the boil (keep gently stirring the eggs so the yolk doesn't settle to one side) and then remove from the heat and leave in the hot water for 10 mins (keep stirring occasionally though).
4. Move the eggs into ice cold water (or if you have vinegar to spare or less time available put them in a bowl of vinegar which will dissolve the shells)   
5. I just let them sit in the ice cold water for an hour and before shelling I added more ice and then started peeling, it does take ages so do it which watching TV or something.
6. Rinse off any little bits of shell and put the eggs in sterilised jam jars.  
7. Pour in pickling vinegar until you reach the top then tap to get rid of air bubbles and cover with cling film then stick on the lid and refrigerate or store in a cold dark place. 
Pickled Quail Eggs
FYI: I have seen really cute quail eggs that have been dyed with beetroot infused vinegar and the eggs go an amazing pink colour. 
This post wouldn't be complete without a newly hatched quail
Much Love,
Maz xx

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