Monday, 13 May 2013


Well District Cub Camp has come and gone for another 2 years.. It was a great success but definitely hard work!! 4am wake ups and torrential rain makes for an interesting weekend! Here are some camping essential luxuries:

1. Eye Mask ( buy a good quality one, I have one like this)
2. Multiple sets of ear plugs (I use Quiet Time Silicone ones!) 
3. Extra blanket or towel
4. Sun glasses (Next time I am buying RayBands!!) 
5. Lip balm ( I prefer Carmex)
6. Feather Pillow
7. Air mattress (and pump!) 
8. Extra socks and a couple more!
9. A torch (We use Vango 24 LED rechargeable)  
10. Dry Shampoo (I prefer Bastile!) 

It's the little things that make a weekend of camping with 250 eight to ten year olds a little bit better!! Only 3 weeks until our own cub camp! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend!!
Love Maz xx

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