Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Last summer I headed to Houston, Texas for a couple days to see my Dad. 
Houston is turning into an amazing city,  because it's such a large city it can be a little overwhelming but it has some great gems... My must do list is:
1. Baseball Game - go check out the Astros (if you get more time also check out the Houston Rockets (Baseball) and The Houston Texans (American Football) 
2. Doughnuts - We must have consumed hundreds in the 3 days I was there (you get Dunkin Doughnuts in the airport too!!)
3. Art Car Museum - these cars change all the time and are AMAZING.. check out the chicken!! they actually move and are used in the annual Art Car Parade!!
4. Beer Can House - this was featured on George Clarkes Amazing Spaces and is well worth a visit.. the inside it a little museum about the making of the house.
5. IHOP, Waffle House and Cheesecake Factory - All work a try for breakfast (My dad will kill me for recommending chains)!!
6. Joes Crab Shack - This is my brothers favourite place!! Order the buckets of crab and dig in!!
7. Lupe's Tortilla - This is one of my favourite restaurants.. there are now 3 restaurants in Houston. Order the Chili Con Queso (and chips) the Fajitas and the frozen Margaritas.
8. The Galleria - A huge shopping mall you will get lost in, with all the designer shops.
9. Giant Presidents Heads - This is a little strange one, but they are definitely worth a visit.. they are often dotted around Houston.
10. Go for a drive - there are some great little shops, cafes and smaller museums to see.. drive around and keep your eyes peeled!  


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