Friday, 16 January 2015

New Year.. New Start

Don't you love New Year's Day? The 1st of January means a fresh start.. 

This year I am going to try to: 

1. Be healthier - more fruit, veg and healthy grains
2. Have fun - and say YES to more adventures 
3. Create - last year I took an Indian cooking class.. This year I would love to maybe take sign language, stain glass classes or knit a whole blanket.
4. Learn - especially to drive... I had a US licence and It's about time I get a UK one
5. Travel - Norway, St Croix USVI and the West Coast are on the list this year
6. Write - all these things down and recorded so I can look back.. Especially home improvements.
7. Move - I walk about 60 mins each day but I would like to start yoga and get rid of the stress and knots in my neck (might help my migraines too which would be a bonus!) 
8. Organise - my life, my home and my work 

Wish me luck.. I think I am going to need it!! 

Do you make New year resolutions?! What have you got planned? Think you can you keep them?! 

Mari-Anne x

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