Sunday, 22 December 2013


Hey Guys,

Out of the five rooms and a large cupboard in my new home... All five need redecorating... 
Here is my list of things that need changed.. Starting with the: 


Paint the walls fresh white
Prime the doors
Paint the 5 doors white gloss 
Paint the front door dark blue (maybe)
Paint the ceiling crisp white
Prime and paint the skirting boards
Replace the gold accessories on the front door for silver ones
Find a pretty door mat
Hang a million pictures or mirrors (or both) 
Replace the lamp shade with something more modern
Make a shelf over the radiator (below a mirror) for a little key station etc

Replace the carpet with hardwood flooring
Replace all the sockets for white ones
Maybe get a powerpoint or two added for the Hoover
Remove all the wallpaper and redo it (the ceiling has wood chip wallpaper!!) 
Replace the front door
Replace all the internal door handles (I would like the bedroom and bathroom ones to have privacy locks) 
Add better shelves in the "Glory Hole" cupboard.. I would like everything to have its own place.. recycling etc!

I started to paint the hall last weekend.. 4 coats in and it still needs another 2!! :( 

This list is ALOT longer than I thought it would be.. Oh dear.

Much love, 
Maz xx

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