Saturday, 5 October 2013


So.... I started peeling a little wallpaper to see how it easy (haha that's a joke it's a total pain to get off!!) it would come off... Fast forward 4 hours and I am two walls in... Why did I think this would be a quick task.. and why did I think I should do it the weekend before we get a puppy.. Where am I going to find the time to wallpaper it again before Christmas... Epic fail I think.. Oh well I had to start at some point!!

I am now thinking I need a Halloween house warming party!! The walls will be super spooky!! A couple packets of spiderwebs and I am set!! 


P.s. I an starting to find some cute little patterns under the paper. No secret messages yet though.. I will have to leave one when I put up the paper again! 

Much love,
Maz xx

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  1. Oh man, totally feel your pain. Recently did this in an apartment that is over one hundred years old. It was like a treasure underneath years and years of paint/wallpaper!

    x elizabeth of thompson & prince