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This year I spent the New Year in Edinburgh at my families holiday home (which is a super cute cosy flat just around the corner from the National Museum of Scotland). I used to go to university in Edinburgh so over the years I have had a few Hogmanay' in Edinburgh at the Street Party.. this year I really wanted to try the Torch Parade.. (I bought my torches a couple months in advance to make sure my family would come too.. it also makes them £6 instead of £7 on the day and I got to skip a giant queue for them woohoo)
Sourced from: edinburghshogmanay.com
You pick the torches up from Chamber Street (which is were the NMofS is) and at 1830 the torches get lit and everyone (25,000 people) walk behind the Up Helly Aa’ Vikings and a big pipe and drum band to the Son et Lumière and a big firework display at 1945 on Carlton Hill (the hill on the end of Princes' Street). The Torches were really big and lasted 30 minutes or so but make sure you wear old clothes you don't mind getting dirty or one of those embarrassing ponchos as wax does go flying and I am still picking it off my jacket and be careful of young children and ladies hair.

Sourced from: edinburghshogmanay.com
I had an ace time (I don't think the wax candles will be around for much longer.. it's a bit of an accident waiting to happen... so try and go soon before it turns to battery torches and all the fun goes!!) all the torches are amazing together and it's rather spooky wondering down the main streets with a big flame.. at points I felt like we were walking to a riot or something. Everyone is in a great mood too and I didn't see one person being silly and throwing their torches around trying to hurt people.

PS. If you have small children you will be able to take a buggy but instead of going all the way and up Carlton Hill stop and watch them from the North Bridge.. then you won't get so muddy and squished!!

PPS. to put out your flame at the end  of the night before it burns your hands scrap it in the gutter.. DO NOT use your feet!! I saw some people coming close to setting their shoes on fire!! 

Much Love,
Maz xx

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