Monday, 7 January 2013


Hey Guys (and Girls),
Sourced from NTS
On Sunday we went for a drive to Crathes Castle.. have you ever been!? It is WELL worth the visit, they have so much to do.. the best being GoApe (one of those tree top adventures (I did it last summer and HIGHLY recommend it) in the summer.
This photo is from last year from GoApe at Crathes
You can park at Crathes for £2 for the whole day and they have loads of nice walks around and when you are suitably muddy and tired they have really nice cafe (have the scone with raspberry jam!!) They also have a Castle for exploring, a walled flower garden and a children's park (although the park is closed for repairs at the moment due to ice!!) so if you find yourself wanting a drive at the weekend somewhere nice head out to Crathes Castle (it's only a 35min drive from the city)
I forgot to take photos... okay got me... my iphone is still filled with photos of my adorable niece from Christmas.. so I stole some from the Internet for your enjoyment..
Sourced from NTS
Much Love,
Maz xx

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