Saturday, 12 January 2013


I am definitely not what you would call a girly girl.. I blame it on not having a sister (until I got a sister in law) but this year I am going to try and make a bit more effort.. normally my work make up is some lip balm if I get around to it... yes I really am that lazy with it.
So I am going to start making little challenges for myself.. starting with painting my nails more..
I seem to buy nail varnishes all the time but hardly wear them so... 

Day 1. - Saturday 12.01.13
Red Polka Dot Nails..
They are super cute and suuuuper easy.

I used:
Revlon #620 Bewitching - its a lovely dark red with a little pink
BeautyUK Matt Top Coat #4 - I picked it up from internationale

1. Paint your nails with 'Bewitching' and let dry (one coat goes on really well).
2. Apply the Matte nail polish and let dry completely.. it goes on like a gloss but quickly goes matte. it looks drier before it actually is.
3. Apply random polka dots all over in different sizes with the top coat and let dry...
4. Admire your handy work!! It is a little hard to see in the photos so it's subtle enough for work.  

Much Love,
Maz xx

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