Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Day 3 - 14/01/13 - I Am Dotty For You!

Have you ever had a day where you get no free time?! I have been in work and then meetings until 1030. Where does the day go!?!

I used:
Rimmel Wear Maxx # 397 Electric
Models Own #NP042 Snow White
Models Own #NP095 Juicy Jules

These are quick and easy to do but take a while to dry because of the thickness of the dots.

1. Paint nails with the Rimmel Electric an let dry (this polish is a little thin so you will need 2 coats this time)

2. Now use the Snow White polish.. scrap off some of the polish from the brush so you don't get drips and carefully dot onto your dried nails. Try doing different sizes and don't be to perfect or they will loose their charm!!

3. Stand back and admire while waving your hands in the arm for 20 mins.. Some of the polka dots while take longer than you think so be careful as they dry!!

4. I also added some glitter polish on top of the polka dots on my ring finger for added bling but I haven't got around to taking a photo yet!! Oops.. Bed is calling my name!!

Much love,
Maz xx

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