Saturday, 8 December 2012


Hey Guys,

Do you ever feel that you don't actually know your city properly?!
I was born in Aberdeen and then moved away when I was 9 years old only to return 2 years ago to be close to family again. Sometimes I feel like I am a stranger in my own city. This year my New Years resolution is to try as many new places in Aberdeen as I can... those old man pubs you are always too scared to go to.. that museum that you always pass wanting to go into for a snoop but don't have time for etc!?

So I am going to make a list on here of all the places I want to visit in Aberdeenshire (and a little further away) so that I might actually manage to do some.... everyone loves checking off from lists right!?
I am planning on doing little reviews along the way as a reminder to myself and maybe it will come in handy for those of you who visit Aberdeen at some point in the future (I will try and give web links to as many as I can too).. 

  1. Silver Darling
  2. The Stage Door
  3. Cafe Boheme
  4. Rustico
  5. Cocoa
  6. The Mariner Hotel
  7. Ashvale Restaurant
  8. Cinnamon
  9. The Station Hotel
  10. The George Hotel
  11. Cafe 52
  12. Manchuria Restaurant
  13. Siagon
  14. Mango Pickle
  15. Blue Moon 
  16. Yorokobi
  17. Oryza Sushi
  18. La Stella
  19. Nargile 
  20. Josephines 
  1. Malones
  2. The Abercrombie
  3. The Howff
  4. McGintys
  5. The Albyn
  6. College Bar
  7. Dizzys
  8. The Prince of Wales
  9. The Malt Mill
  10. Brewdog
  11. Balmoral Lounge
  12. The Shortmile 
  13. Ferryhill Hotel
  1. Bennachie Hill Walk
  2. Duthie Park
  3. Hazelhead Park - Animal Petting and Maze etc
  4. Balmedie Beach
  5. Tyrebagger Wood
  6. Aberdeen City Beach - Walk a giant bit of it
  7. Union Terrace Gardens - before it changes
  8. Aberdeen Harbour 
  9. Doonies Farm
  10. Codonas Pleasure Fairs
  11. Storybook Glen
  12. The Railway Line
  13. AFC stadium
  14. Footdee (Fittie)
  15. River Don
  16. Thainstone House
  17. Aviemore Wildlife Park
  18. Aberdeen Harbour Cruise
When I write it out like that it seems a lot to do but I think I will be adding to the list for a while yet.. I plan to mark each off as I go along so keep track. 

Much Love, 

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