Thursday, 6 December 2012


My friends know that I love to do crafts but I can get pretty lazy..
I need something that will take a couple hours max but look awesome once finished.. 
I was trying to think up some nice homemade Christmas presents that I can make ahead of time and I came up with pickled beetroot shapes.. bare with me now.. it was super easy and is bound to wow your guests at Christmas dinner.. 

First I totally cheated and bought ready boiled beetroot and because it was an experiment I went for good old own brand Tesco packeted beetroot (there is 4 or 5 in each packet) and they cost £0.44 each packet. You just find them in veggie aisle next to the celery etc

Then you need to wash out some jam jars and to sterilise them I fill with water and place in the microwave on full blast for 10 minutess or so.. to make sure there are no germs still lurking about
Put on some plastic gloves the beetroot will stain your hands! Then cut off any yucky bits, sliced them into chunky slices and used mini cake decorating cutters to cut out shapes. I tried to cut out Christmas tree shapes but the stars were by far the best, they cut beautifully.

Once you have filled your jam jars with your beautiful beetroot shapes to the top cover them with a pickling vinager (there are lots of options from premade to homemaid) Fill it right to the top, tap your jar a bit to get rid of bubbles and then add a bit of clingfilm to stop the lid eroding in the vinager and then your lid too.

I am super exciting to give them out as presents and try them myself soon with Christmas dinner (can you believe it's December already?).  

Much Love,
Maz xx

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