Monday, 30 September 2013


Why oh why is it so hard to choose paint colours? There seems to be thousands of options of colours, in hundreds of different finishes by a ton of different companies.. 

I went to B&Q yesterday with the intention of buying paint for my hallway and rusting gate but I got so confused with it all that I walked around for 2-3 hours looking at a handful of paint chips utterly lost.. The paint chips are now blue-tacked to my walls in the hope something will out shine the rest and I won't make a rushed decision that I regret!

I think have the basic colours sorted out, it's just picking what shade and finishes! 
I am thinking: 

Hallway: Off White- with endurance finish (has anyone tried it before?) 
Bathroom: Aqua Blue 
Guest bedroom: Calm Green
Master bedroom: Light Yellow
Living-room: Light Grey
Kitchen: Brilliant White

Firstly, I have to strip all the paper (hello padded 70s wallpaper) and then sand and repair the skirting boards which have painted over bumps ( the hall especially took a beating from the previous owners!) 

Tonight however, I am off to help at Beaver Scouts so I will be too busy / tired to do anything... I'll get around to starting... one day... maybe!! 
Until then I am happy to enjoy owning  my very own place... that NEVER gets old!! :) 

Much love, 
Maz xx

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